2014 MLB Draft Profile: Matt Imhof

by admin | Posted on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014


Player:  Matt Imhof      imhof

Cal Poly Baseball 

Primary Position:  LHP
Secondary Position(s):
Height/Weight:6’5/220 lbs
Date of Birth:10/26/1993
Home Town:  Fremont
School:Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Travel Team(s):
Class of:  2014
Committed To:


Player notes:


  • Lean athletic body with room to add on 10-15 good lbs
  • Nice delivery with stride towards lefty batters box.
  • Good deception, hides ball well.
  • Fastball gets excellent cutting action.
  • Will run FB under hands of RHB.
  • Big breaking curveball, nightmare on lefties, also a weapon vs RHB.
  • Change has more downward action than fade.
  • FB: 89-91 T92/93
  • CB:  74-78
  • CH:  80/81

Short Video:

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Video of Full outing at UCLA:


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